Azure Stack delayed

It appears that Azure stack has been delayed for a variety of different reasons. Microsoft had said they were going to launch with just Dell, HPE and Lenovo. Does anyone else see something missing here? With Hyper-converged taking names at the moment I would have thought it was a simple inclusion of CISCO and Nutanix as well. Seems odd to not include them. Maybe the delay will help them come to their senses and include them. Many of the customers that I am talking to have API calls and other provisioning stories and would say the list of OEM’s that Microsoft is starting with are behind with integration of the network, storage and compute layers. If you want to do something that AWS is not doing and do it well you don’t start with the HW vendors that are playing catch up in the space. Again that is my opinion, but seems very easy to figure out. This is also based on the move away from letting customer use their own hardware for deployment. This is a pivot away from the correct direction. Pre-Validated HW is probably a good thing, but if I have HP, Dell or Lenovo already I don’t want to go out and purchase new HW if the OEM says they didn’t test that version of HW. This could work really well if Microsoft decides to have recently released HW that is already being consumed by customers included. If they don’t the adoption rate will be low and slow and allow AWS to catch up if they have not already done something already. Microsoft cannot delay this for very long as AWS is known for being quick to market and if they deem this as a weakness they will address in business quarter or two and keep taking over the world. AWS is doing to Microsoft what Microsoft used to do to others. Game on Microsoft can you rise to the occasion? I hope so as I don’t see anyone else catching AWS at the moment.  Delaying the release of azure stack to the middle of 2017 is a HUGE mistake in my view as they give AWS way too much time to close the gap on a good differentiator that could help take market share.  The technical preview is still out there  but I would say that nobody is going to use it now that Microsoft has changed direction again.


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