Nano Server Looks good

Nano Server and Container service

Nano Server is a 64-bit only, headless installation option that’s baked into Windows Server 2016. Nano Server can’t run the full .NET Framework and runs on CoreCLR runtime environment that gives you access to most .NET Framework capabilities. CoreCLR is opensourced as well take a look discussion site has great information.Use cases where this would be applicable would be with Web server, DNS server, Container server with Docker so almost any compatible application you can put into Docker.

Nano Server has a very small footprint and the first version show some great improvements versus the Windows Server:

  • 93 percent lower VHD size
  • 92 percent fewer critical bulletins
  • 80 percent fewer reboots

To achieve these results Microsoft removed some parts of Windows Server like:

  • GUI stack
  • 32 bit support (WOW64)
  • MSI support
  • RDP
  • Some default Server Core components

Interesting points that I found. When you boot the VM for the first time you have to press F11 per the on screen text to set the password from the VM console. Then you manage remotely with tools like PowerShell and Server mgmt tools in Azure. Take a look at Windows Server Evaluations


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