Cloud Decisions

Private Cloud is looking at a huge increase in spend over the next few years.  With revenue to reach 24 Billion by 2016 it equates to a 50% increase in the next 4 years (Link). The question becomes do you Rent versus buy your cloud.

An apartment complex is similar to public cloud.

  • Renters share infrastructure and pay for what is used.
  • Easy to leave when contract is done
  • Nothing custom but cost effective

A house is similar to private cloud.

  • Owner controls Infrastructure and is customizable
  • Security is designed for the property
  • Dedicated resources and more of an investment

The perception too many customers have is that there is only one type of cloud and how it can help. Many customers don’t really understand the differences out there. Public Cloud has been around for years with Amazon being one of the first to do this. Amazon is has feature functionality that many want until they know what they really want. The framework used at AWS is proprietary and nobody everyone thinks to ask their developers and architects thoughts on direction and where to go. OpenStack has become the alternative to AWS and what they are doing and many companies like Internap, Rackspace, HP and IBM have adopted it. You also have Azure from Microsoft which is proprietary as well tied to the .Net Framework and specifically Microsoft. Everyone views AWS as the competition, even VMware. Companies are now covering all bases with public so take a look at a Cloud Buyers Guide.


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